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T&P carries out cutting edge research into potential, careers and talent management. For nine years our unique approach to talent has helped organisations get the most from their talented people.

We’ve rethought talent strategy from a truly 21st century angle – so that it works in organisations that are constantly evolving and changing. Now more than ever we need people to be self-directed and positive, thriving on constant challenge. We need talent systems that motivate everyone, and that allow people to make the most of their strengths.

Talent & Potential specialises in getting to the root of your talent challenges and helping you to achieve measurable shifts in performance. Our approach has delivered Award success for our clients, because everything we do is based on hard research into what motivates and drives the most talented people in a range of large organisations.

We have a boundless enthusiasm for getting the most from people, and we’d love to share our insights, solutions and results with you.
From the latest thinking to quick updates and ideas, we've made it easy for you to find the right resources.
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Whether you want to develop your managers, your employees or your organisation, we have the products and services to help.
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