Our CareerBurst platform turns online career support on its head, putting the latest guidance and tools in the hands of those who matter the most.

CareerBurst by T&P

The future of career development

Providing outstanding career support is critical to promoting home-grown talent, reducing turnover costs and building loyalty. And with research showing that 50% of people on high potential programmes move on within five years, retaining people through excellent career management is crucial.

CareerBurst is a ground-breaking digital platform that allows you to provide regularly updated career support for employees at all levels. Take people on a journey to get clarity on direction and strengths, identify their career blocks, and take practical career action. Use apps to help people explore their own strengths and motivations - as often as they want to. And we support managers in setting up and holding career and development conversations with their team.

And best of all, CareerBurst can be used as a standalone platform, integrated into our learning platform, or used within your existing LMS.

Empowering Managers

Practical advice on talent management

Most managers care passionately about the people who work for them. They can see that most of their people have talents and strengths that, correctly developed, could add so much more to your team and to the company. Yet many managers struggle to find the ideas, tools and strategies to tackle the particular people issues they face.

Through CareerBurst we share articles and insights to support all your line managers in their efforts to get the best from their people and deliver ever-greater results. Here is a preview of what you can expect within CareerBurst.
talent manager | january 13, 2020 Healthy teams are happy teams
What can you as a Manager do to support everyone in your team to feel their best and give their best?

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talent manager | january 6, 2020 Do you have a court jester?
Who ‘speaks the truth’ to you, and what happens if no one dares?

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talent manager | december 30, 2019 The mentoring ‘contract’ and why it matters
Mentoring others is a great way to give something back and help others develop their career.

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talent manager | december 23, 2019 Helping your talented staff gain visibility in meetings
An ideal way to develop talented team members is to invite them to accompany you to meetings.

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career advice | Oct 12, 2020 Recharging Your Batteries – how do you do it?
Has 2020 left you feeling drained?

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career advice | Sept 28, 2020 How can I advance my career and stay visible when working from home?
How can we continue to build our reputation and stay visible?

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career advice | Sept 14, 2020 7 things successful people don’t say
Have you noticed that successful people talk differently than less successful people?

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career advice | August 24, 2020 How do you know if a role plays to your strengths?
Having a role that plays to your strengths is a huge bonus for your career.

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Driving Individual Careers

How to accelerate your career

For years we’ve been investigating how successful people drive their careers, interviewing fast trackers and senior people, and conducting surveys. We’ve stockpiled some fascinating career facts, and a host of anecdotes about how people REALLY get a step up in their career. 

Through CareerBurst we offer individuals regular cutting-edge career advice based on the latest talent thinking. If you're proactive about your own development and career, or are exploring how we can help you drive careers across your organisation, here’s a small sample of what to expect.