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Do You Want To Help People Drive Their Careers?

T&P’s approach to career management is light years ahead of the commonly available career workshops which focus on top line messages about brand and networking. We have invested in years of research into what people who drive successful careers actually do, and distilled simple strategies for driving internal careers, that people can instantly grasp and apply.

We stand out because our workshops:
  • Are based on hard research and data – we can back up what we say!
  • Provide outstanding tools, eg a card pack of 48 career tactics from research.
  • Are run by people who have personally driven a fast-track career.
  • Achieve 100% Excellent or Good ratings from delegates - across all sectors and levels.

How We Help

Drive Your Career (DYC)
Practical, self-directed career management for professionals, managers, graduates and high potentials.

DYC for Senior Managers
Career skills and insights for your top people, including Board aspirants.

Career Conferences
Our Keynote Speeches and Career Conferences can help large numbers understand how to drive their career.

Line Managers & Career Conversations
We also work with line managers to enable them to hold great career conversations.