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Are You Interested In Graduates And High Potentials?

In the graduate arena, our knowledge is second to none. Our Directors have presented top-rated workshops on graduate development topics every year to the Association of Graduate Recruiters for the past 12 years. Anne Hamill is an elected member of the AGR Advisory Council, representing Graduate Development interests. She has been a Judge for the Graduate Development Awards for the past 2 years. We’re in touch with the latest innovative thinking, which we really enjoy discussing!

We’ve done a lot of research into high potentials, especially people who thrive in turbulent and fast-moving businesses. We can help you to locate the ‘hidden’ people in your organisation who have talent, energy and the drive to learn, through an open and transparent approach. We work with these people and inspire them to take charge of their development and careers. We’ve developed ground-breaking ways to ensure that your investment in developing high potentials yields the best possible dividend.

We’ve presented new ideas on Talent and Graduate Development to scores of conferences. We’d love to share them with you!

How We Help

Graduate Induction that Creates High Fliers
How can you get graduates adopting a high flier mindset and behaviours right from the start?

Helping Graduates to Manage Ambiguity
Graduates are the product of 16 years of structured education in a very, predictable environment. We equip graduates with the skills to be successful in a fast-paced, politically complex, sometimes turbulent environment.

Drive Your Career for Graduates
You want your graduates to stay and progress internally, to roles where they can deliver a great result. Our career skills workshops provide outstanding support, based on vast research.

Designing High Potential Programmes
We specialise in creating active talent streams – rather than passive talent pools. We challenge high potentials to act like true high fliers.