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Do you want to be more skilled at managing talent?

Do you want your department or team to be truly talent focused? Develop the ability to spot potential, use peoples’ strengths, and adapt your style to develop and progress every member in your team.

Talent Manager training for line managers presents leading edge talent thinking in a very simple and practical way. Each of the 4 elements provides a simple, practical set of tools that will help you to spot and grow potential. We have had great results in very different sectors with this programme, with rave reviews from other managers, and significant leaps in skill over 3 months of working with the toolkits.

We’ve also delivered this programme at Board level to promote discussions around talent thinking and succession planning.

How We Help

Think Potential
Equipping you to think more deeply about potential and succession planning.

Think Strengths
Equipping you to build on the strengths of each member of your team.

Think Career
Equipping you to hold effective career conversations with members of your team.

Think Development
Equipping you to develop your team by using learning opportunities in the workplace.